Powers: Magnetism.


What!?: He can control metal and fly.

Origin: Max Eisenhardt, or Magneto, was born to a middle class German Jewish family. His family attempted to escape the rise of the Nazi party, but they were eventually executed. Eishenhardt managed to survive his families execution (possibly due to his powers briefly manifesting), but was captured and sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp. It was their that he met his childhood sweetheart Magda. He and Magda managed to escape the camp and fled to city in Ukraine.

Before the X-men: The two had a daughter named Anya, but she was killed when the local citizens burned Eishenhardt’s house when they learned of his powers. Enraged, Eisenhardt killed the mob. Magda ran away in terror of Eisenhardst’s abilities, and later gave birth to mutant twins, Pietro and Wanda. Having lost his wife, Eishenhardt hid in Israel under the name of Eric Lensherr. It was here where he met and quickly befriended a young Charles Xavier. The two parted ways due to their differing opinions concerning mutant-human relations.

It was shortly after that Lensherr adopted the name of Magneto, committing himself to making Mutants the dominant species on Earth in order to prevent the type of atrocities he lived through from happening again. He also formed the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and found himself in constant odds with the X-men and Avengers. When Magneto learned that former Brotherhood members and Avengers Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were actually his children Pietro and Wanda, Magneto began to soften. This would climax in Magneto surrendering himself to stand trial for his crimes. His desire to change seeming genuine, Magneto’s crime’s were going aquitted. However, the trial was interrupted by an attack that gravely injured Professor X. Hurt,  Xavier asked his old friend to take care of his school and join the X-men.

His Deal: Magneto was the X-men’s original Arch-enemy. He is arguably still the most famous X-men villain. His seeming supervillainy was eventually fleshed out by his backstory as a Holocaust survivor, making him more sympathetic and tragic character. Over the years Magneto has walked the line between Villain and Anti-Hero. Magneto’s separatist stance to mutant-human relations has often come in conflict with Professor X’s more integrationist position.

Personality: Magneto has always been plagued by his anger over the slaughter of his family and people. His rage constantly leads him to a criminal career in order to achieve his goal of a mutant ruled Earth. Magneto refuses to allow another genocide to occur, and has lost all faith in humanity’s ability to change. He only began to evolve his “by any means necessary” and “never again” attitude when he found out he still had children. His relationships with Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Polaris are strained at best, with Magneto often blaming himself for his children’s hardships and tragedies. He’s not necessarily proud of his past, but takes responsibility for his actions. Magneto, while capable of great egotism, is not above admitting to his faults and following others. He holds Professor X in high esteem, even with their long and storied history. He once even kneeled to Cylcops out of respect for his ability to keep the mutant population together. Magneto is not one for blind murder, and actually surrendered to the X-Men for the first time after accidentally attacking a 13 year old Shadowcat. . He is also a certified genius, adept in many scientific fields and languages, as well as being a master tactician and fighter, and is considered one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe.

Fun Fact: Magneto was once turned into a Baby by a very powerful alien


First Appearance:The X-men #1 (1963)

Greatest Crime: His greatest crime to date is holding the world hostage by destabilizing the world’s electromagnetic field


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