Rachel Grey

Powers: Telepathy, telekinesis, chronoskimming, and host to the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix. 


What!?: Can read minds, move things with her mind, and can sometimes channel the “Phoenix Force” which lets her do all kinds of stuff (reincarnation, subatomic manipulation, pyrokinesis, life-force manipulation, flight, etc). She can also mentally travel through time.

Origins: Rachel Grey, or Rachel Summers, is the daughter of Jean Grey and Scott Summers. She was born in an alternate time line where the assassination of anti-mutant senator Robert Kelly led to the ratification of the Mutant Registration Act, mutant hunting robotic Sentinels, and mutant concentration camps. Rachel Grey witnessed first hand the assassination of her time’s Professor X. She was later kidnapped and forced to hunt down other mutants. After a while she rebelled and was sent to the camps, where she met the last remaining X-men, Wolverine, Magneto, Colossus, Storm, Kate Pryde, and Franklin Richards. Rachel was able to send Pryde’s mind back in time in order to prevent their future from coming true, but instead created an alternate timeline. When Pryde returned, she and Rachel attempted to destroy a new model of Sentinel called the Nimrod, but it proved too powerful. Pryde sent Rachel back in time to the X-men by activating Rachel’s connection to the Phoenix force.

Her Deal: Rachel Grey was the first “alternate timeline” X-men to join the team, playing a key role in the famous “Days of Future Past” storyline. She has had one of the longest connections to the Phoenix Force out of all the X-men, and has never succumb to the Dark Phoenix persona. She is yet another extremely powerful member of the “Summers Family,” which includes Cyclops, Jean Grey, Havok, Vulcon, Cable, and Hope Summers. Her best friends is Kitty Pryde.

Personality: Rachel Grey is haunted by her past. She lost everyone she ever cared about. Her early days with the X-men were one’s of emotional outbursts over the tragedy of her situation. She was sent into a past where she knew everybody, but no one knew her. Her connection to this world became even more strained when she realized that no version of her would probably exist in this timeline.She often feels like an outsider. This has caused her to become very loyal to her “family” in the present timeline. She considers Cyclops her father and Jean Grey her mother, even though they are not technically her real parents. She has, however, been “adopted” into the family. Rachel also feels tremendously guilty over her time as a mutant hunter, or “Hound,” and is weary of using her powers to track down other mutants. Her past is reflected in her fighting style, which is considerably more aggressive than that of her mother and father’s.

Fun Fact: Rachel Grey once went to the future and became Mother Askani, founder of the Askani Clan, who brought Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Cable into the future to ultimately defeat the immortal mutant Apocalypse.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #141(1981)


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