Powers: Absorption


What!?: When she touches someone, she absorbs that person’s abilities, memories, skills, and knowledge. If she holds on for too long, the absorption becomes permanent.

Origin: Anne Marie, or Rouge, was born in the state of Mississippi. Her powers first manifested when she had her first kiss, nearly killing the boy. This traumatized Rouge, making her very fearful of physical contact. She ran away from home (or may have been driven away) and was taken in by the shape-shifting mutant Mystique and her precognitive partner Destiny. Mystique molded Rouge’s fears and axieties into hatred, recruiting her into her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Rouge fought the X-men and Avengers during this time, and infamously absorbed the super hero’s Ms. Marvel’s powers permanently. Ms. Marvel’s personality proved to be too strong, nearly driving Rouge insane. Rouge sought help from Professor X. Despite the rest of the X-men’s protest, Professor X stood by his conviction that all mutants deserve a second chance.

Her Deal: Rouge’s role was one of redemption. Her early years in the X-men were spent with her trying to prove her loyalty and trustworthiness. She has since been promoted to field leader of her own X-men team. Rouge’s also one of the most tragic mutants, with powers that prevent her from experiencing any form of physical touch. Her long time love interest is the mutant Gambit. She is also a self proclaimed Southern Belle, and speaks with a heavy accent.

Personality: Rouge was originally a very angry character, partly due to Mystique’s influence. Her time with the X-men notwithstanding, she still cares deeply for Mystique, viewing her as her mother. Rouge often defends prospective X-men with troubled pasts, noting her own journey to the X-men. Her inability to control her powers has often frustrated her, making her subject to feelings of great anger and sadness. Her powers not only prevented her from touching others, it also left some sort of mental imprint from every person she touched, staining her sanity. Rouge has been able to overcome all this and has become a very capable leader. Her ability to improvise and take risks makes her a very unpredictable opponent. However, she has been accused of recklessness.

Fun Fact: Rouge’s other long time love interest is Magneto, and she even started a family with him in an alternate time line.


First Appearance: Avengers Annual #10 (1981)

Greatest Crime: Absorbed Ms. Marvel’s mind and abilities, robbing her of both


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