Powers: Phasing. She moves her atoms through the spaces of other atoms.


What!?: She can move through walls, people, anything really, and make other things intangible like her. This also disrupts electronic devices.

Origin: Kitty Pryde, or Shadowcat, was born to a middle class family in Illinois. At the age of 13, her powers emerged and she was approached by both Professor X and Emma Frost to join their respective schools. When Emma Frost tried to launch a surprise attack on the X-men, Kitty Pryde helped the X-men defeat her. Kitty joined the X-men shortly after the death of Jean Grey.

Her Deal: Kitty Pryde was the youngest X-man to join the team. She represented a new phase in the X-men, serving as a springboard for new readers. She was the first young female X-men to be mentored by Wolverine. She is a genius, and her training with Wolverine has also made her a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter. She is also the long time love interest of Colossus.

Personality: In her original debut, Shadowcat was depicted as very spunky. She was eager to join the X-men, and usually tried her hardest to prove that she deserved to be on the team. At times her age would get the better of her, becoming quick to tears or emotional outbursts. Even given her inexperience, she proved to be a very capable X-men, partly due to her ability to think quickly. She has grown into a very self-assured and brave young woman. She is arguably on of the most normal X-man in terms of personality, a testament to the original purpose for her conception.

Fun Fact: Shadowcat has a “pet” dragon named Lockheed.


First Appearance: Uncanny X-men #129


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