Powers: Superhuman

Thunderbird (1)

What?!: Enhanced strength, speed, durability, stamina, and senses. 

Origin: John Proudstar, or Thunderbird, was born to an Apache Tribe in a Native America reservation. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps, gaining the rank of Corporal. After some initial reluctance, Proudstar joined the X-men, but soon proved to be too volatile, a characteristic that led to his early death. He left behind a younger brother James Proudstar, later to be known as the X-man Warpath.

His Deal: Thunderbird is one of the most famous X-men deaths to date, which is ironic considering his very short time on the team. Both Professor X and Cyclops blamed his death on their own leadership skills. Thunderbird was the first Native American X-men, and was later joined by his brother Warpath, the New Mutant Danielle Moonstar, and the inventor Forge.

Personality: John Proudstar found his life after the military listless and without direction. During his brief time with the X-men, Proudstar was headstrong, arrogant, and excessively prideful. His attitude would lead to his demise. Proudstar could be described as having a large chip on his shoulder. His death would have a huge impact on his brother Warpath, who viewed him as a hero and role model.

Fun Fact: Thunderbird once led a team of dead X-men in a war to protect Reality itself


First Appearance: Giant Sized X-men #1 (1975)

Death: Thunderbird died on his second mission with the X-men in an airplane explosion


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