Powers: He is able to harness a strong inner energy force that completely transforms him into an organic metallic form.


What!?: He can turn into a big metal man who’s really strong.

Origin: Piotr Rasputin, or Colossus, was born on a poor Russian farm in Siberia. He had an older brother named Mikhail and a younger sister named Illyana. Piotr’s powers first manifested when his sister was in danger of being run over by a tractor. Professor X convinced Piotr that his powers were better served for the advancement of human and mutant kind.

His Deal: Colossus originally served the role of the “Soviet member” of the X-men during the middle years of the Cold War. He was also the teams resident strong guy, and is arguably still the strongest member of the team. He is the long time love interest of Kitty Pryde.

Personality: Colossus is by nature a peaceful soul. He is modest, truthful, and innocent. He had a very close relationship with the members of his original team. Storm ever referred to him as “little brother.” His inexperience has often led him to question his outlook on life in times of crisis. He is prone to inner turmoil. When his sister Illyana died, Colossus’s whole foundation was shaken, causing him to leave the X-men and join Magneto. He is very much a follower, usually being unsure of his own convictions. His chosen profession is art, but he has had to constantly defer his passion for the sake of his teammates.

Fun Fact: Colossus’s original catchphrases were “Lenin’s Ghost!” and “By The White Wolf!”


First Appearance: Giant Sized X-men #1 (1975)

Death: Colossus died by sacrificing his body for the Legacy Virus Cure

Greatest Crime: Becoming the Phoenix and almost enslaving Earth


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