Powers: He absorbs and converts solar radiation into superheated plasma


What?: He shoots fire. He’s immune to radiation and can sometimes make his fire radioactive.

Origin: Shiro Yoshida’s, or Sunfire’s, mother died of radiation poisoning. Shiro always blamed the US for her death, leading to a strained relationship with his father, a UN Ambassador. Shiro was convinced by his uncle to attack the U.S. Capitol and fought the X-men to a standstill. He only surrendered when he saw his uncle kill his father. He was later recruited by¬†Professor X, but was only with the X-men for one mission.

His Deal: Sunfire has always been an on-again, off-again ally of the X-men. He was originally depicted as a Japanese man driven by revenge against the U.S. for the horrors of the Atomic Bomb. His mutation even reflected this, as a Japanese mutant who was powered by a form of radiation.

Personality: Sunfire has always been arrogant and temperamental. His powers matched his fiery temper. Sunfire is an incredibly proud man who does not work well with others. His association with the X-men is sporadic at best. His pride makes him very susceptible to manipulation, especially if he feels he’s owed vengeance.

Fun Fact: Sunfire is the cousin of Lady Mariko Yashida, Wolverine’s Late Fiancee.


First Appearance: The X-men #64 (1970)

Greatest Crime: Launching attack on Washington, D.C.


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