Powers: Weather Manipulation.


What!?: She can control the weather. Water, wind, lighting. Even space weather.

Origin: Ororo Monroe, or Storm, was born in New York to a Kenyan Princess and American Journalist. Her family moved to Egypt, where they died during an aircraft attack. She survived on the streets by becoming a pickpocket in Cairo. When her ability to control weather manifested, Storm was worshiped as a goddess. She joined the X-men after being recruited by Professor X.

Her Deal: Storm was the first major black female heroine in American Comics. She replaced Jean Grey as the resident female character for the Second Generation of X-men. She later became the leader of the X-men, becoming one of the first female character to lead a superhero team.

Personality: Storm is a very proud and strong woman. She was originally very naive concerning Western Culture, and had trouble conforming to ideas of modesty and gender roles. However, even in her earliest iterations, Storm was able to command respect from the likes of Doctor Doom and Dracula. She is considered to have one of the strongest wills in the Marvel Universe. Storm does have a darker, more bloodthirsty side that shes not afraid to give into should the situation need it. Storm spent a few years learning to find balance with her darker side when she went through her famous “Punk” phase. Storm is an accomplished leader, even staying on as leader of the X-men when she temporarily lost her powers. Storm’s powers have also given her a very strong appreciation for nature.

Fun Fact: Storm is Claustrophobic.


First Appearance: Giant-Size X-men #1 (1975)


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