Powers: Sonic Scream


What!?: He can scream really loud. He can even use sound vibrations to fly. He also had super hearing.

Origin: Sean Cassidy, or Banshee, was an Irish Interpol (international police) inspector. He discovered his mutation shortly after his wife died, blaming his cousin Black Tom for her death. The two would become life long enemies. Banshee was later brainwashed into joining the villainous Factor Three. He’s saved by the X-men, and later decides to join them.

His Deal: Banshee was the most level headed member of the Second Generation “All-New, All-Different” X-men, balancing Wolverine’s brashness, Nightcrawler’s playfulness, and Colossus’ naivete. He was also the oldest member (though this was before Wolverine’s true age was revealed). He is the father of X-Factor mainstay Siryn and was in love with Moira MacTaggert.

Personality: As stated above, Banshee was one of the most level headed and mature members of the X-men. His years of experience as an inspector allowed him to remain calm in most situations. He did, however, suffer a momentary breakdown when his lover Moira MacTaggert died. Banshee has also portrayed proficient leadership and organizational skills, having been headmaster to the Massachusetts School for mutants, and creating a mutant police force called X-Corps.

Fun Fact: Banshee owns an Ancestral Castle called Cassidy Keep.


First Appearance: The X-men #28 (1967)

Death: Banshee died trying to prevent an airplane crash caused by the mutant Vulcan

Greatest Crime: Becoming a cold and ruthless leader of X-Corp, a mutant police force


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