Powers: An adaptive healing factor, three retractable claws, animal-like senses and physical abilities, and an adamantium laced skeleton.

wolverine-comic (1)

What!?: He can heal himself, his bones are indestructable, he has metal claws that can cut almost anything,  and he has enhanced taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell

Origin: James Howlett, or Logan, or Wolverine, was born to rich Canadian farm owners in the late 1880’s. He was the product of an affair between him mother and the Howlett’s groundskeeper, Thomas Logan. When Thomas killed Wolverines’ adopted father, Wolverine’s mutation manifested and he killed his biological father in a blind rage. A young Wolverine leaves his family estate with his childhood friend Rose, who instilled in him his love for redheads. He later kills her accidentally when she tries to stop him from succumbing to his increasing animal-like tendencies. Wolverine travels the world for decades, often partaking in military exploits, and eventually joined Team X, a black ops unit the included his lover Silver Fox and his longtime enemy Sabertooth. He was later kidnapped by the Weapon Plus program, who fused his bones with adamantium and tampered with his memories. He managed to escape the program and began to work for the Canadian government before being invited to join the X-men by Professor X.

His Deal: Wolverine is arguably the most popular and well known member of the X-men. He was originally the X-men’s resident loose cannon. He was an anti-authority wild man who was willing to use lethal force to accomplish his goals. His violent nature was so prominent that he would often go into “berserker” rages that made him a danger to everyone around him. He is the team’s most dangerous fighter, having mastered multiple forms of martial arts. His long life has also made him the most experienced and well connected members of the X-men, having had dealings with everyone from Captain America to The Punisher. He also served as the chief rival of Cyclops for the affections of Jean Grey for years.

Personality: Wolverine is in constant struggle with the animalistic nature of his mutation. He has adopted a strict personal code not unlike those of Bushido that helps moderate his killer instincts. Wolverine kills when he has to, especially if it means keeping other people off the path he had to go through. He kills so that no one else has to. Wolverine is fiercely loyal to the X-men, viewing them as his family and the people that keep him from succumbing to his violent nature. His time with the X-men aside, Wolverine is still a very private man who seldom shares his personal tragedies (and there are a lot) with anyone else. A part of this stems from his own self-loathing at his past actions. Despite this, Wolverine has served as a mentor for many young X-men, notably Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, and X-23.

Fun Fact: Wolverine once dated the superheroine Squirrel Girl


First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #180 & 181 (1974)


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