Powers: He has the ability to displace himself through an alternate dimension and reappear at a desired location


What!?: Teleportation. He also has enhanced agility, flexibility, and dexterity.

Origin: Kurt Wagner, or Nightcrawler, is the ¬†biological son of the mutant shape-shifter Mystique. He was raised in a circus after being found abandoned as a baby. He was able to use his natural athleticism to disguise himself as a costumed acrobat. Later on, Kurt’s demonic appearance made him the prime suspect in a rash of child killings in a local village. He was saved from an angry mob by Professor X, and offered a spot on the X-men.

His Deal: Nightcrawler was the team’s resident flirt, showman, and priest. Most of the X-men liked him, even the gruff and mistrusting Wolverine considered him his best friend. His demonic appearance often contrasted with his kind and heroic personality. As such, he was one of the most symbolic representation of the foolishness of reactionary discrimination.

Personality: Nightcralwer is a devout Catholic, and even became a Priest. His religion has made him adopt a view of mercy and pity for anti-mutant bigots. He is also a noted flirt, and years his years performing in the circus has ingrained him with a gallant and swashbuckling personality. However, Kurt can be indecisive at times, preferring the freedom of a supporting role to the constraining responsibility of actual leadership. Wagner was once also self-conscious about his outward appearance, originally carrying around a holographic image-inducer to disguise himself, but he has since discarded it. He has accepted his moniker of the X-men’s “fuzzy elf.”

Fun Fact: Many of the X-men have “Bamf” dolls that look like Nightcrawler (though it is never explained where they got it, or who made them).


First Appearance: Giant Size X-men #1 (1975)

Death: Nightcrawler died protecting Hope Summers, the mutant messiah


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