Powers: Magnetism


What!?: She can control metal and fly

Origin: Lorna Dane, or Polaris, is the product of a secret affair between Magneto and a human woman. Her “parents” died when she was very young in a plane crash, an incident she may have caused accidentally. Having forgotten she was a mutant, Lorna was hypnotized into doing Magneto’s bidding when she was still a student. She was later saved by the X-men.

Her Deal: Polaris is Magneto’s daughter, a subject that was left vague for years. She was originally a love interest for Iceman, but she rejected him in favor of Alex Summer (Cyclops’s brother). She’s also been brainwashed and mind controlled a number of times.

Personality: Polaris is a very independent woman in nature. She originally declined the offer to join the X-men, preferring instead a civilian life. Her independent spirit is ironic, considering her years of being mind controlled by supervillains, notably by the evil mutant Malice. Her trauma with mindcontrol, the question of her paternity, and her witnessing of the extermination of the Mutant Island of Genosha led to a metal breakdown that was finally triggered when her long time boyfriend Alex Summers left her at the alter. With the help of Professor X, however, she has since recovered and reconciled with Alex. She has a cordial relationship with her father Magneto and half siblings Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, though she wishes they were closer.

Fun Fact: Polaris has a masters degree in Geophysics


First Appearance: The X-men #49 (1968)

Greatest Crime: Working at various times against the X-Men, mostly due to brainwashing


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