Powers: He is able to absorb and emit cosmic energy


What!?: He shoots energy beams.

Origin: Alex Summers, or Havok, is Scott Summer’s younger brother. When he was young, his parents died in a plane crash, but he was saved by his brother’s mutation. Alex was eventually adopted by a suburban family while his brother stayed at an orphanage, but they stayed in touch. Alex meet the X-men shortly after graduating from college, and learned he was a mutant after being kidnapped by a supervillain seeking to use his immense powers for himself. After escaping, Havok joined the X-men and later meet the mutant Polaris, his longtime girlfriend.

His Deal: Havok is Scott Summer’s younger brother. He is arguably more powerful than his older brother, but has had a long history of problems controlling his powers, and often has to wear a suit that regulates his powers. He is an accomplished leader, though he often sees himself in the shadows of Cyclops. His longest relationship is with Polaris, though they often have an on-again, off-again relationship.

Personality: Havok is considered by many as “Cyclops-lite.” He is the more emotional of the two brothers, which is symbolized by his often erratic powers. Alex sees his brother as a role model, but this sometimes leads him to feeling jealous and resentful towards Cyclops. One of his greatest fears is becoming so much like Cyclops that he will repeat his mistakes. This often makes him more hesitant to take on leadership positions and causes, despite his experience.

Fun Fact: Havok was once a Space Pirate


First Appearance: The X-men #54 (1969)

Greatest Crime: Joining the Brotherhood of Mutants


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