Powers: Mimicry


What!?: He can copy powers, knowledge, and abilities, sometimes permanently.

Origin: Calvin Rankin, or Mimic, gained his mimicry ability due to a chemical accident in his father’s lab. His new powers made people fear him. In response, Rankin’s father created a machine within a mine that he said would make Calvin’s mimicry ability permanent. When the machine was in danger of being destroyed by an angry mob, Rankin’s father blasted the mine entrance, dying in the blast. In order to regain access to his father’s machine and make himself more powerful, Rankin sought out the X-men. His plans failed, as the machine actually took powers away. He later managed to temporarily blackmail his way into the X-men.

His Deal: The Mimic was the first new X-men, and the first non-mutant to join the X-men. He is also arguably the first person to gain redemption after joining the X-men.

Personality: Mimic was originally depicted as arrogant and power hungry. He had blackmailed his way into the X-men to gain their powers permanently, and quickly declared himself “leader” of the group. His fight with the another mimic, the robotic Super-Adaptoid, left him powerless, but more mature. Eventually, Mimic regained his abilities, but his new found ability to absorb people’s life forces led him to fear for everyone around him. Mimic’s erratic abilities have led him to become a very anxious individual.

Fun Fact: Mimic is Bipolar


First Appearance: The X-men #19 (1966)

Greatest Crime: Attacked the Original X-Men in an attempt to steal all there powers


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