Professor X

Powers: Telepathy. 


What!?: He can do almost anything to people’s minds. That includes mind reading, illusions, memory manipulation, knowledge transfer, induce pain, brainwashing, astral projection, etc.

Origin: Charles Francis Xavier, or Professor X, was born to a wealthy family. His father died young, leading him mother to marry Kurt Marko, an abusive man only interested in the Xavier fortune. Xavier’s powers developed under the abuse of Marko and his son Cain. Xavier excelled at academics, partly due to his psychic abilities. At graduate school he met Moira Kinross, a fellow geneticist. When the two broke up, Xavier became deeply depressed and decided to travel the world. On his travels, he would meet a young Eric Lehnsherr, becoming fast friends. Their friendship eventually splintered due to their contrasting views on mutant-human relations. His dealings with Lehnsherr, the the entity known as the Shadow king, and the alien Lucifer, led Xavier to create the X-men.

His Deal: Charles Xavier is the founder of the X-men. His dream of peace between mutants and humans had been the foundation of the X-men’s actions. He is considered one of the great men of the Marvel Universe, and like all great men, he lies. His dream has often lead him to make morally questionable decisions, including faking his death on multiple occasions, covering up the deaths of one of his X-men teams, and mentally shutting down his one time friend Magneto.

Personality: Professor X is an optimist, but also a pragmatist. He’s a man of peace, yet he’s also the man who created a preemptive mutant strike force. His crusade against “evil mutants” often came in contrast to his desire to build a school for mutant development, a contradiction he was well aware of. He kept his mutant school and his own mutation a secret for many years. He kept the knowledge that his danger room had become sentient out of fear that it could not be controlled. He even created a set of plans called the Xavier Protocols that detailed the best way to defeat any mutant if they should ever become too powerful, including himself. Despite all this, Xavier cares deeply for his students, seeing them as his children. In turn, many of the X-men view Xavier as a father figure.

Fun Facts: Xavier once said that he was in loved Jean Grey, and it was never mentioned again.


First Appearance: The X-men #1 (1963)

Death: Professor X once faked his death to get ready for an alien invasion, he died when an alien “Brood” queen used his body to give birth to herself, he died when his son Legion attempted to rewrite reality, he died when the time traveler Bishop shot him, and he died trying to stop a Phoenix powered Cyclops.

Greatest Crime: His negative psychic entity accidentally became Onslaught, an extremely powerful entity who tried to absorb the minds of everyone on Earth.


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