Marvel Girl/Phoenix

Powers: Telepathy, telekinesis, and host to the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix.


What!?: Can read minds, move things with her mind, and can sometimes channel the “Phoenix Force” which lets her do all kinds of stuff (reincarnation, subatomic manipulation, pyrokinesis, life-force manipulation, flight, etc).

Origin: Jean Grey, or Marvel Girl, was the last of the original X-men to be recruited, and the first official female member. As a child, her powers manifested when she tried to save the life of her best friend, failed, and instead heard the last whispers of her dying mind. This traumatized Jean Grey, leading her parents to call upon Charles Xavier for help. Xavier placed mental blocks on Jean, suppressing her immense power until she was mature enough to control it.

Her Deal: Jean Grey was originally the X-men’s token female character. She was Xavier’s defacto nurse, love-sick towards Scott Summers (whom she would later marry), and the teams weakest member. She would later become the most powerful X-man in history when her encounter with the cosmic Phoenix Force removed her mental blocks. As such, Jean Grey’s life with the Phoenix has been one of death and rebirth.

Personality: Jean Grey was the only girl in a school full of boys. She was insecure about her powers and her relationship with the often cold Scott Summers. Jean Grey also had an attraction to the darker side of life, which she repressed most of her life. Under the control of the Phoenix, Jean Grey became more assertive and confident. But when the villain organization known as the Hellfire Club drove Grey insane through illusions of the mutant Mastermind, the Dark Phoenix was released. This Phoenix was intoxicated with her own power, decimating an entire planet. While these actions where not “technically” Jean Grey’s fault, she still felt guilty over what transpired, and was often forced to deal with the consequences. Jean eventually adopted a more assertive and somewhat judgemental personality, closer to that of the Phoenix. Nevertheless, Jean Grey is still is considered the heart and soul of the X-men.

Fun Facts: Jean holds a graduate degree in Psychology


First Appearance: The X-Men #1 (1963)

Death: Jean Grey once died at her own hand in order to destroy the threat of the Dark Phoenix, and once at the hands of “Magneto

Greatest Crime: Becoming the Dark Phoenix and destroying an entire world


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