Powers: Animalistic physical characteristics. Also Ambidextrous.


What!?: He’s as strong and a gorilla, as quick as a cat, and as flexible as a gorrilla-cat.

Origin: Henry “Hank” McCoy, or Beast, was born into a middle class suburban family. It was originally thought that Beast’s father’s job as a Nuclear technician caused his mutation. As an adolescent, Beast’s mutation allowed him to excel in sports. His natural abilities caused his fellow students to become resentful, leading Beast to agree to join the X-men.

His Deal: Beast is considered the most intelligent member of the X-men, holding multiple doctorates in a variety of fields, and serving as resident scientist and physician for the X-men. Beast was also the first X-man to leave the group, and the first official X-man to join the Avengers.

Personality: Beast has always been characterized by the conflict between his mental intelligence and physical appearance. In retrospect, his pursuit of academic success and non-mutant exploits could be seen as a personal rejection of his mutation. His use of twenty dollar words to convey a five dollar thought often confused and irked the original X-men. After Beast’s transformation into a more were-wolf like entity, his personality became erratic, ranging from jovial to feral. His moods eventually stabilized after his second mutation into a cat-like being, retaining dryer and more passive aggressive wit, though he can be self-righteous at times.

Fun Fact: Beat’s blue fur is not part of his original mutation, its a result of a mutanigetic serum he created

comics xmen marvel comics hank mccoy beast 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperno.com_26

First Appearance: The X-men #1 (1963)


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