Powers: Natural Flight, eagle like vision, blood with regenerative properties. His Archangel persona has techno-organic metallic wings and enhanced physical abilities. marvel_angel_print_by_bigmac996-d4rdfzl

What!?: He has big wings that lets him fly, blood that heals others, and sometimes he can turn blue with metal wings that shoot daggers.

Origin: Warren Worthington the Third was the heir to the Worthington fortune. During his prep school years, Warren’s mutation manifested. At first he considered himself a freak, but later accepted his mutation when it allowed him to save the lives of his classmates during a fire.

His Deal: Angel was originally Scott Summer’s (Cyclops’) rival for the affections of Jean Grey. His self confidence and charm contrasted with Cyclops’ conservative demeanor. Angel was also the first X-men to be corrupted by the mutant Apocalypse. Angel’s fortune and business skills have allowed him to fund and manage many X-men exploits.

Personality: Originally, Angel was defined by his bravado, charm, and self confidence, stereotypical of the “rich playboy.” His Archangel personal was much more aggressive and bloodthirsty. With the help of the X-men, Warren was able to keep his darker persona under control. Angel’s longest relationship was with the mutant Psylocke, whom he openly pursued (in contrast to Cyclops and Jean Grey’s years of “will they, won’t they”).

Fun Fact: Angel is a member of the mile-high club (yes, exactly that way)


First Appearance: The X-men #1 (1963) Death: Angel died when his Archangel personal resurfaced, requiring his lover Psylocke to kill him, effectively ending both personalities.

Greatest Crime: Becoming Archangel, Apocalypse’s loyal servant who in turn tried to become the new Apocalypse


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