Powers: Cryokinesis

iceman (1)

What!?: Ice powers

Origin: Bobby Drake, or Iceman, was the second X-men to be recruited, and the youngest out of the original five. His powers first manifested when he defended a girl from a local bully, accidentally encasing him in ice. Bobby was rescued from an angry town mob by Professor X and Cyclops, and agreed to join them in their fight for mutant equality.

His Deal: Iceman was originally the youngest X-man. He played the role of the class clown for the original team. He was, however, very much aware of his age and developed feelings of inadequacy when compared to his older team mates. This is ironic, since he was arguably the most powerful member of the team, with abilities that could impact Earth’s entire ecosystem.

Personality: Due to his initial youth, Iceman gained a reputation for immaturity. But as he grew older, that immaturity transformed into emotional transparency. Iceman is very honest. When the psychic Emma Frost took over his body, Iceman admitted that she had better control over his own powers, and even sought her help in controlling them. One of Iceman’s greatest weaknesses is his self confidence, preventing him from taking full control over his powers. Iceman has shown signs of great potential, especially when forced to face stronger opponents like Magneto and the super sentinel Bastion by himself.

Fun Fact: Iceman is a Certified Public Accountant.


First Appearance: The X-men #1 (1963)


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