Powers: Projects a concussive force through his eyes. His eyes are actually small gateways into another universe. Often called Optic Blasts.


What!?: Basically, he shots laser beams out of his eyes

Origin: Scott Summers, or Cyclops, was the first X-men recruit. He was raised in an orphanage with his brother Alex after his parents died in a plane crash. He was forced to jump off the plane, and would have died due to the impact if his powers hadn’t manifested and broken his fall. This trauma developed a mental block that prevented him from controlling his powers.

His Deal: Cyclops is the leader of the X-men. His early childhood trauma and life at the orphanage caused his to become an emotionally repressed individual. This actually helped him develop his ability to stay calm in even the tenses of situations. His longest relationships have been with Jean Grey, Madelyn Pryor, and Emma Frost. He’s also the father of Cable, X-Man, Rachel Grey, and adoptive grandfather of Hope Summers.

Personality: Cyclops is a great leader, but he can sometime seem cold and uncaring. His inability to communicate with others makes it difficult to approach him on a personal level. At times, he can be downright militant. Cyclops himself recognizes that his leadership position doesn’t win him any popularity points. He is very determined to keep the X-men, and the larger Mutant community, alive. In this light, he can be viewed as a bit single-minded. Some have theorized that his determination comes from arrogance mixed with a Hero Complex. Still, many of the X-men respect him for his years of service as the leader of the X-men, viewing him as the heir to Professor X.

Fun Fact: Cyclops was born in Alaska


First Appearance: The X-men #1 (1963)

Death: Cyclops died after merging with the villain Apocalypse to prevent him from becoming a God

Greatest Crime: Becoming the Dark Phoenix and decimating many Metropolitan areas around the world

*In other words: He leads the X-Men — not because he has any illusions about his skills or likability, but because someone has to. He puts himself in the line of fire because that’s what being responsible for people means, and makes decisions that’ll get him hated because they’re decisions that have to be made. He f**ks up and f**ks up and f**ks up, and apologizes, and rebuilds, and learns, and grits his teeth and dives back in to f**k up some more.

He does this in hopes of building a world that will, realistically, have no place for him; leading or working under people whose expectations for him are flat-out impossible to meet and who hold him accountable every time he fails to live up to them.

And he keeps doing it.

And doing it.

And doing it

Rachel Edidin


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